Nominations – 2024

It is time to nominate new officers for the Midwest Section of ASPB. Nominate someone you think would be good to fill the role, or your self! Email your nominations to Mickelbart, Michael V <>. Nominations are due by March 24, 2024. After that ballots will be emailed to Midwest section members for a vote.

Below is a brief description of each role nominations are being taken for this year. YOU can read more details in the section constitution and the description of duties.

Responsible for coordinating advertising for the meeting and organizing and facilitating the judging for all awards

Responsible for coordination of all payments and oversight of the finances of the section and will coordinate fund raising efforts for the annual meeting

Early career representative
Sits on the committee and contributes to discussions.

Communications director
Responsible for maintenance and updating of the section website and for disseminating information to members from the committee.


The board consists of the above positions, The chair (Michael Gutensohn, 2024-25), past-chair (Mike Mickelbart, 2024-25), and representative to the national ASPB (Mike Mickelbart, 2024-27).

The chair (Michael Gutensohn) is responsible for oversight and coordination of the responsibilities of the officers and for management of all activities within the section, including organization of the sectional meeting which is held annually.

These officers, together with the most recent past-chair and the section representative to the National ASPB, shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Section and shall carry on any business of the Section which may require action between business meetings. Additional members may be appointed ad hoc for additional duties as needed by the Executive Committee and as described in “ASPB-MW Duties of Officers”.

The Chair and Chair-Elect shall serve for one year. The Secretary-Treasurer serves for two years and then assumes the office of Chair-Elect. Every other year a Chair-Elect is elected directly from the membership. The Chair-Elect ascends to Chair after one year.